A special opportunity to serve! 

Emmaus Ministries International Office recruiting 4 new part-time positions. Apply by June 30th.

A message from your Louisville Area Emmaus Community Lay Director, Rebecca way
"The Upper Room is adding a few more layers of people between the local communities and the Upper Room Regional directors. There are 4 positions that need to be filled for our region. In the interest of time, we didn’t take time to rewrite the announcement that was sent to our board. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. I’ll try to answer them – or at least find out who can!"
Dear Community Leaders,

In keeping with our commitment to ensure that you are aware of the coming changes, today you are receiving the application form and position description documents (attached below) for all 4 positions for which the Emmaus Ministries International Office will be recruiting representing your region.

As we seek to strengthen our partnership with all communities and to help create spaces for spiritual renewal and growth, we will be recruiting persons with a heart for the Emmaus Ministries who are willing to contribute to the further development of their local community, or other communities within the U.S.

By looking at the compensation packages you will realize that these are not full-time jobs. Only those persons intervening outside of their local community will receive a small financial compensation and the reimbursement of their travel expenses.

As indicated in our previous email, on the application form, we are requiring the same basic information from all candidates. However, in order to ensure that local communities have an input in the recruiting the Community Trainers, we are requesting that persons applying for this position provide us with a written recommendation from their board. This recommendation may be granted to several applicants from the same community.

On June 15th, we will be sending out the attached documents via our eNews, and we will be posting them on our website. Applicants will have until June 30th to return their information to us.

Again we invite you and all community members:

1- to click on the following link to review the video we shared in April https://youtu.be/NAUJysO6s_0

2- to continue in prayer for the implementation of the new system, and to help promote it,

3- and to continue to seek guidance as to how the gifts that are present among you might be of service to your community and to the wider movement

Friends, we continue to be thankful for you, your communities and for all you do to empower Christian leaders, and we look forward with much excitement.

May God continue to bless and keep you.

De Colores!

Rev. Stephane Brooks
Spiritual Director of Emmaus Ministries
Upper Room Ministries

Application             Position Descriptions


  • June 15, 2017 - Job Descriptions and Applications will be sent to community members on our
  • eNews mailing list and will be shared on our website
  • July 2017 - Interviews
  • August 2017 - First Hires
  • Sept – Dec 2017 – Training
  • Jan. 2018 – Implementation