Welcome to the e-mail prayer chain and newsletter sign-up page!

This e-mail prayer chain is for people with a connection to Louisville Area Emmaus or Cornerstone Chrysalis communities. By joining our prayer chain you will ALSO receive our community newsletter "Talk from the Walk" and timely reminders about community happenings.

Who can join?

  • Anyone with a connection to the Louisville Emmaus or Cornerstone Chrysalis communities may join. This includes people who went on walks or flights in the Louisville area, even if they no longer live here, and people who walked or flew in another community and now live in the Louisville area.
  • Even folks who've attended "Fourth Day" weekends such as Tres Dias, Cursillo and others are welcome as long as they are now active in our community!

Already on our list?

  • To SEND PRAYERS or announcements to our group send a carefully worded e-mail to Lemmaus@googlegroups.com
    You MUST be a member to send messages to our prayer/information group!

For additional help with Google Groups such as managing your email address and preferences, click on this link Google Groups Help

Need to leave the group?

To Opt Out simply

2. click on “my groups” and then

3. click on “Leave Group”

Want to Join?

JOIN the Google Group directly

1. Go to the Google Group page http://groups.google.com/group/lemmaus

2. Click on "Apply for membership"

3. Use the drop down box choice to register your email preferences

4. Enter your name and Walk Number/Location to verify Fourth Day Membership

5. Click "Apply to Join this Group" blue button.

6. Please add Lemmaus@googlegroups.com to your address book right now so emails don't go to 'spam'!

What is allowed on our Prayer Chain Mailing List?

Ask yourself the following question:

"Does my prayer request involve me or someone I know or the Louisville Emmaus/Chrysalis community?"
If you can answer "yes" then submit your prayer request.

What things are NOT appropriate for the Louisville Emmaus/Chrysalis prayer chain?

There are just so MANY things going on in the world that invite our prayers....
There are children in Bosnia who are starving.
There are wars in the Middle East.
Missionaries need help in Africa.
There are storms and droughts and wildfires in the USA.
All these things deserve our prayers but they are not appropriate for THIS prayer chain.

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