The Walk to Emmaus experience begins with the prayerful discernment and invitation from a sponsor. 
The best way to share your Emmaus experience is to share it with others.  Being a sponsor is easy, but requires purposeful, prayerful preparation and follow-through. Follow these simple steps!
Step 1: Opening Invitation
2.Set an appointment to answer questions:
a)Format of the weekend, dates and times
b)Ecumenical, open environment
c)Prayerful focus on God; no electronics, no distractions
e)Follow-up and Fourth Day
f)Answer all questions/No secrets
3.Extend the invitation/Seek a commitment
4.Complete registration forms, obtain payment, and forward to Registrar by the Friday before the Walk.
Step 2. Prepare for the Weekend
1.Provide additional information
a)Confirm transportation to and from opening and closing
b)What to bring/not to bring, accommodations, comfortable clothes
c)No Electronics
2.Contact family, friends, church members to obtain Agape letters (we recommend at least 10). Here is a template letter you can customize to help explain the process to non-Emmaus readers:  Sponsor Template for Agape Letters
3.Arrange to help Pilgrim's family as needed (i.e. child care, elder care, transportation, meal)
Step 3. Participate during Weekend
1.Deliver your Pilgrim on time to Opening (Thursday)
a)Allow time to check in and obtain name badge
b)Place bags in room and settle in
c)Be at Kavanaugh Conference Center by 7:00pm for Send Off
2.Attend Sponsor’s Hour and pray for your Pilgrim
3.Attend Candlelight.
4.Be on time for Closing (Sunday 4:00pm) at Kavanaugh
5.Ensure Pilgrim gets home
Step 4. Fourth Day Contribution
1.Bring Pilgrim to Follow Up at 7:30pm the first Thursday following Walk
2.Help Pilgrim find a Reunion/Accountability group
3.Bring them to their first Gathering held at area Community churches the second Friday of every month at 7:27pm
Check out and print the Sponsor's Checklist
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